Das Cover von "Untogether" erinnert ja ein wenig an "Sleeping With Ghosts" von Placebo. Die Musik von...

Blue Hawaii - Untogether

Das Cover von "Untogether" erinnert ja ein wenig an "Sleeping With Ghosts" von Placebo. Die Musik von Blue Hawaii umarmt jedoch chilligen, unterkühlten Elektropop und verträumten, melancholischen Dubstep und könnte Freunden von Grimes und Purity Ring gefallen. Erstere sind übrigens beim gleichen Label unter Vertrag und alle kommen aus Montreal. 

Das kanadisches Duo besteht aus Raphaelle Standell-Preston (eigentlich Sängerin der Band Braids) und ihrem Freund Alex Cowan und "Untogether" ist nach der 8-Track-EP "Blooming Summer" (2010) ihr erstes, über Arbutus Records veröffentlichtes Album.

The stand out track for me is ‘In Two’ (albeit this is actually split into two tracks …). ‘In Two’ starts off slowly with a fairly progressive drum beat to match, laced with soothing vocals with multiple harmonic overtones. ‘In Two’ provides a perfect platform for its counterpart ‘In Two II’ to take over and switch up the style with its use of steel pan drums on this upbeat and bass heavy track when compared to the more ambient sounding ‘Sweet Tooth’ or ‘Sierra Lift’

Untogether is an album that uses the less is more approach, without there actually being too much going on in the songs (opener ‘Follow’ goes through a number of warbly phases without really amounting to anything approaching solidity but at least ‘Try To Be’, which comes straight after it, has proper verses and not just mouth music and is all the better for it). What they do have going on though makes for a cool and largely chilled out album that’s worth more than just a cursory a listen.
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The former single "In Two" and its counterpart "In Two II" represent Untogether at its finest: atmospheric yet tight, with subtle moods driven by graceful rhythms. Blue Hawaii spend most of the album crafting reflective songs that range from confessional ("Try to Be") to alluring ("Yours to Keep"), but every now and then the duo throws listeners a curve, as on the glamorous, beat-driven "Flammarion," which gets closer to the dancefloor than any other song here. Untogether's aloof beauty comes as something of a surprise given how free-flowing and whimsical Blooming Summer was, but while this change takes some getting used to, it's an impressive debut from a group that has taken the time -- and space -- to refine and develop its sound.
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