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    Hinter dem Ein-Mann-Projekt Puzzle Muteson steckt der in London geborene Singer/Songwriter und Fotograf Terry Magson. Von der Isle of Dogs zog es ihn auf die Isle Of Wight und irgendwie erweckte er die Aufmerksamkeit des ebenfalls auf einer Insel beheimateten Labels Bedroom Community, das nach „En Garde“ (2011) und „Theatrics“ (2014) nun sein drittes Album veröffentlicht hat. Leider bisher nur digital. Die acht melancholischen Folktronic-Songs von „Swum“ haben bei dem isländischen Label eine passende Heimat gefunden.

    Complex fingerpicking styles interlock, producing a sparse but endlessly beautiful series of variations that afford Puzzle Muteson space for open expression.
    New song 'Silver Swan' is a folk-hewn fable, matching icy beauty to something a little darker. He shares: "'Silver Swan' is a song inspired and written about the more darker, Icey sides of a relationship with a slight fable-esque approach…"
    (Clash Music)

    Puzzle Muteson’s songs are sensitive and thoughtful incarnations, a series of flowing fairy-tales narrated by a warbling tenor and enchanting, finger-plucked music which is as light and as fair as a maiden’s golden locks. ‘And they all lived happily ever after’ has been removed from the final chapter; this selection has tasted the sour reality of adulthood and the thorny world of relationships. Disney didn’t do the population any favours by painting relationships in pretty pinks and charming knights in shining armour. From the opening bars, Swum’s melodies spin in glistening, translucent webs of fingerstyle guitar. Terry Magson’s quivering voice, as well as his honest writing, lights up the music by sitting front and centre.
    (Fluid Radio)

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    "Silver Swan" ragt heraus. 6,5 Punkte

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    6 Punkte

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