Nosaj Thing - Home

Schon Februar. Höchste Zeit für die eine obligatorische Platte aus dem Genre Elektronik, die wir hier pro Jahr vorstellen.

Nosaj Thing heißt eigentlich Jason Chung, stammt aus Los Angeles und agierte bisher hauptsächlich als Produzent (u.a. Kendrick Lamar) und Remixer (u.a. The xx).

Home ist bereits Nosaj Things zweites Album. Der Vorgänger, das aus dem Jahr 2009 stammende…

Drift, […] was an icy chasm, a shifting cave of sound that seemed as if it could have originated in the coldest reaches of space. But his new album, Home, serves as a kind of twilight to Drift's midnight, elaborating on his sound while taking a welcome turn towards the light. The change is particularly obvious when Chung employs vocalists. Blonde Redhead's frontwoman Kazu Makino transforms the plaintive "Eclipse/Blue" into a particularly pillowy affair, a torrent of the kind of grey and blue sounds that are described in the lyrics. (pitchfork)

The Toro Y Moi-featuring "Try" and its accompanying "Prelude" are downright lovely; a slow tapestry of summoning synths soon gives way to epic fireworks reminiscent of the intro to M83's Hurry Up We're Dreaming. When Chaz Bundick's voice comes in about halfway through "Try", his wispy voice blows beautifully through the music, sounding aloft within the mix. (pitchfork)

Whether you call this post-dubstep, electronica, ambient, downbeat or any other form – Home is a ride into the heart of darkness. Into the middle of the night. And Chung creates this sound very unintrusive. It’s not all-over-hyped electronc sound structures you have to listen a dozen times before finally understanding them. It happens in an instant. If you’re willing to let yourself fall into these sounds and songs, NOSAJ THING and Home will carry you into a place of comfortness. (Nothing but hope and passion)

Nosaj Thing hat sich mit dem Song Eclipse/Blue jedenfalls schon jetzt einen Platz weit vorne auf meinem Jahrestape gesichert. Mal schauen, wo das Album landen wird.


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