• Papercuts - Parallel Universe Blues

    Kein Grund zur Sorge, Jason Robert Quever bricht seine Indierock-/Shoegaze-Zelte nicht ab, um sich dem Albumtitel entsprechend in bluesigen Gefilden neu aufzustellen. Der Einzige Umzug, der stattfand, war der von San Francisco nach Los Angeles und so bleiben für Papercuts weiterhin The Velvet Undergroud („Clean Living“, „Kathleen Says“), Spiritualized („Mattress On The Floor“) oder The Jesus And Mary Chain („Sing To Me Candy“, „All Along St. Mary’s“) die bestimmenden Koordinaten.

    „Parallel Universe Blues“ ist das sechste Album von Papercuts und erscheint vier Jahre nach ihrer letzten Veröffentlichung „Life Among The Savages“ über Slumberland Records auf weißem Vinyl.

    Through enough attention to sound, great writing can be transformed into something instantly iconic. In his latest step out, Jason Quever makes pop brimming with influence as Papercuts while never feeling unoriginal in the slightest. This makes for an album that’s utterly distinct but memorable at every turn, as Papercuts make a big step forward.
    (Northern Transmissions)

    Parallel Universe Blues continues that trend, and as always, it’s a collection of pop gems that will undoubtedly be overlooked. It’s not for lack of trying, Quever has taken the band from its humble lo-fi beginnings and evolved it into a fully formed act with anthems and choruses that demand participation from the crowd. (…)
    Props to Quever on the length of the album, something others in this genre aren’t great at is letting their creative juice just gush and gush out making for long and boring albums. Papercuts keep it simple and have kept the string of accessible lo-fi, dreamy pop alive and well. And while the album doesn’t mark a significant change in their stature with indie rock elitists, it does provide a nice break from the over saturation of other nostalgia rock. Papercuts won’t “wow” anyone, but it’s minimal pop harmonies will continue to keep the project well within that “background noise” genre.

    Loaded with crisp electronic melancholia and produced with a shoegaze sheen, "Laughing Man" is a highlight. Another must-hear, "How to Quit Smoking," follows in the same vein, with a touch more surf punk vibe. (…)
    Parallel Universe Blues is a dreamy, laidback record made for easy listening. It's a great album with a step up in its production. It would be more interesting for Quever to do something a little bit different this time around, but staying true to your roots isn't a bad thing.

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