Dorias Baracca - Dorias Baracca

Aufgrund tragischer Umstände hätte das Debütalbum von Dorias Baracca beinahe Einzug gehalten in die lange Liste der niemals veröffentlichten Platten. 

2007 gründeten Buster Svendsen (Gesang, Gitarre), Jeppe Nygaard (Gitarre), Simon Skytthe (Bass) und Aske Wolfhagen (Schlagzeug) in Odense die Band Dorias Baracca, die 2010 auf dem renommierten Indie-Label Club AC30 ihre erste, sehr gut besprochene EP „Handsome Melting Point“ veröffentlichen sollte. Daraufhin begab sich das Quartett erneut ins Studio, um an seinem ersten Album zu arbeiten. Jedoch verstarb der Sänger, Gitarrist und Hauptsongwriter Buster Svendsen im Alter von 19 Jahren an dem Tag, als die Aufnahmen beendet waren und „Dorias Baracca“ blieb für viele Jahre unveröffentlicht.

Erst auf Initiative von Azure Vista Records wurden die Aufnahmen, die von Jonas Munk (Manual, Ulrich Schnaus) co-produziert, abgemischt und gemastert wurden, als Erinnerung an Buster Svendsen und Dorias Baracca der Öffentlichkeit zugänglich gemacht. Das dänische Quartett kombiniert(e) auf den 7 Songs und in 38 Minuten den angesagten Sound der 90er Jahre von dies- (Swervedriver, My Bloody Valentine, Ride) und jenseits (Smashing Pumpkins, Dinosaur Jr.) des Atlantiks und wer Glück hat, treibt noch eine der transparenten, auf 300 Stück limitierten Vinyl-Auflage von „Dorias Baracca“ auf.

In just 38 minutes, Dorias Baracca encapsulates what makes the shoegaze genre such an exciting one. They veer in and out of dreamy pop, jagged guitar noise, and the ethereal pondering that the classics of the genre often influenced us to do. (…)
While Dorias Baracca had their foundations in classic bands, the biggest takeaway here is how they were creating their own voice among a chorus of many. That’s the trick you know, taking your influences and mixing them like paint in your own musical palate; creating new and exciting colors to paint with. On just a mere 7 tracks recorded in the summer of 2011, Dorias Baracca were well on their way to making a name for themselves as an exciting and creatively vital rock band. They had the musicianship and songwriting chops, and they had the drive and creativity to pretty much go as far as they wanted. Unfortunately fate stepped in and all of it ended. Until now, with this debut.
Seven years on and we can finally hear the promise Dorias Baracca held. Play this loud, and often.
(Complex Distractions)

“Handsome Melting Point” launches this self-titled album with snare pounding in the speakers. This gives way to dreamy guitars and beautifully constructed bass and drums. There is a dreampop sensibility here ala Slowdive but it’s not necessarily as quiet or as serene. There is an angst as guitars explode momentarily. (…) This is a dreampop masterpiece of a song and the album contains many. As the fuzzed out, whirling guitars fade, “Dean & Dane” explodes into the speakers with whispering vocals and chiming guitars. There is an addictive psyche-gaze feel here, with a depth in the drumming and bass work that rarely appears in these sorts of bands. In “Dean & Dane”, there is a mixture of Beach Boys, Slowdive, and a certain unmistakable magic that Svendsen infused in this band. (…)
“Goodbye”, a poignant title in retrospect, is a hazy, guitar screeching affair. There’s a touch of early post-punk here, with the likes of Jesus and the Mary Chain, The Cure, and others being channeled. The drum beats are urgent and ponderous, and the guitar pulls at the timing. It’s the longest track on the album, and it is certainly worth every second. The finale to the album is the energetic “Wake Me Up (With a Kiss)”. It begins with thunderous guitars and then peals back the throng and a slower sound emerges, with the vocals recessed in the mix. “Wake Me Up (With a Kiss)”is an uplifting, driving track that finishes the album with great aplomb.