• Medicine Boy - Lower

    Die erste Vorladung (VII)

    Zurzeit leben Lucy Kruger und André Leo in Berlin, aber ursprünglich stammen sie aus Cape Town, Südafrika.

    2014 gründeten Lucy (Gesang, Keyboards) und André (Gesang, Gitarre) das Duo Medicine Boy und ließen sich rhythmisch von einer Drum Machine begleiten. 2016 erschien mit „Kinda Like Electricity“ das Debütalbum, welches die Aufmerksamkeit von Fuzz Club Records erweckte. Dort erschien letzte Woche „Lower“ (9 Songs, 42:41 Minuten) auf CD und LP. 

    Melancholischer Noisepop, der die Trägheit von Mazzy Star (wenn Lucy singt) mit den Feedback-Attacken von The Jesus and Mary Chain (wenn André hinterm Mikrofon steht) und die repetitiven Elemente von Spiritualized verbindet. 


    If the two lead singles are anything to go by, this is the band at their most ambitious: Water Girl is a glorious fuzzed-out, bone-grinding sludgefest, while the dreamlike melancholy of Bottom Of The Blue blurs the lines between the calm and the chaotic – a spell Medicine Boy has come to cast so well.
    (Weekend Special)

    The nine track album offers everything from grinding organs to soft desolate piano, with waves of guitar that are at times gentle and drifting, others feral and unforgiving. Throughout Lucy and Andre’s voices remain entwined and intimate – sometimes discordant, but always heavenly. The result is a truly remarkable sound that sits somewhere between PJ Harvey, Mazzy Star and Grouper, yet still manages to exist in a sombre world of its own. Laying out their mantra, the band explain: “The joy of working with noise is that you can take something that appears to be quite sweet and simple and expose the sordid parts of it. Or celebrate the sublime in it. Ideally a bit of both.”
    (Backseat Mafia)

    Indizien und Beweismittel:

    16.11.18 Halle, Pierre Grasse
    17.11.18 Worms, Bad Seed Studio
    04.12.18 München, Import Export
    12.12.18 Berlin, Monarch

    Nun sind die werten Richter gefragt…

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