• BirdPen - There’s Something Wrong With Everything

    Wenn irgendetwas mit allem nicht stimmt, dann natürlich auch mit „There’s Something Wrong With Everything“. 

    Nach einigen EPs veröffentlichte das 2003 von Dave Pen und Mike Bird gegründete Duo 2009 sein erstes Album „On/Off/Safety/Danger", dem in den nächsten Jahren drei weitere folgen sollten („Global Lows“, 2012, „In The Company of Imaginary Friends“, 2015, und „O' Mighty Vision“, 2016). 

    Der fünften Platte von BirdPen könnte man nun vorwerfen, dass sie musikalisch keine Weiterentwicklung darstellt sondern eher eine Zusammenfassung ihres vorherigen Oeuvres ist, soll heißen, man bewegt sich stilistisch im Spannungsfeld zwischen Alternative Rock, Electronica und Progressive Rock, so dass bei Vergleichen zurecht immer wieder die Namen Radiohead, Archive (nun gut, Dave Pen ist auch Gitarrist und Sänger dieser Formation) und Pink Floyd genannt werden. Da „There’s Something Wrong With Everything“ auch mit einem thematischen Überbau (der dem Weltuntergang nahe Zustand unserer Gesellschaft, der über den Fernseher in alle Wohnzimmer übertragen wird) versehen ist, führt am Namen Roger Waters diesmal wirklich kein Weg vorbei.

    The title track, There’s Something Wrong with Everything provides an impressive gritty guitar. The song is loaded with drama and projected the idea that just because you’re paranoid it doesn’t mean they are not out to get you. The track is an earworm that will not let go and haunts you, demanding repeated listens. Eye in the Sky as you might imagine from the title continues the free-ranging paranoia that is rife throughout the release. The jaunty instrumentation loaded with a staccato guitar is perfectly juxtaposed against the sinister big brother feeling conveyed by the lyrics. The song echoes bands like TV on the Radio and Echo and the Bunnymen. The stunning Star of the Half Time Show is hypnotic and dreamy as it is filled with shimmering pianos, bleating synths and swirling guitars that twist and turn throughout the track. (…)
    Birdpen with There’s Something Wrong with Everything definitely showcases their strengths. The songwriting is impeccable and the sonics surrounding their timely rebuke only enhance the impact of their message. The release is engaging and the quality is consistent.
    (xs noize)

    Set in the now/near future the songs deal with a disjointed society, rife with social media overload, people reliant on pills to get them by and corrupt world leaders. Yet despite such serious and lets face it, depressing themes, BirdPen have uplifting melodies such as on the single ‘Eyes In The Sky’. Then there is the 80′s indie disco feel to ‘Oh So Happy’, a floor filling anthem if ever there was one at said disco- helped also by Dave Pen’s melodic singing.
    ‘The End Is On TV’ sees a clever use of electronics and drum patterns. The sparseness of the arrangement recalling Left With Pictures and fellow Southampton based progressive band I.T.
    ‘This Is Your Life’ starts off with a Pink Floyd approved intro, building up with a percussive drumbeat and bass, before the guitar crashes in halfway through and fades again. Inventive, interesting and exciting to listen to all at the same time.
    BirdPen have created an album full of complex music underpinned by strong melodies, that touches upon prog rock, electronica, alt rock and even a touch of indie pop. An album about the times, for the times, don’t let this one pass you by.
    (get ready to rock)

    BirdPen in Deutschland:

    17.11.18 Köln, Artheater
    27.11.18 München, Kranhalle
    28.11.18 Berlin, Privatclub
    03.12.18 Dresden, Beatpol
    04.12.18 Hamburg, Nochtspeicher
    05.12.18 Hannover, Lux
    06.12.18 Heidelberg, Karlstorbahnhof

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