Left With Pictures - Afterlife

Die erste Vorladung (IX)

Tom Walker, Stuart Barter und Toby Knowles sind in London ansässig und bilden gemeinsam die Band Left With Pictures.

Das Debütalbum des Trios, "Beyond Your Means", war 2009, nach zwei ersten EPs (2006 und 2008), erschienen. Diesem folgte zwei Jahre später "In Time" nach. Für das von Richard Formby (The Telescopes, Wild Beasts, Hood, Duels) produzierte "Afterlife" ließen sie sich nun aber stolze 5 Jahre Zeit. "Terra Firma" und "Long Lane" wurden als Singles aus dem Album, das man über die Bandcamp-Seite von Left With Pictures als CD, LP und Download beziehen kann, ausgewählt. 

Left With Pictures kombinieren auf geschickte Art und Weise elektronische, in Richtung Ambient gleitende Soundflächen mit getragenem, orchestral arrangiertem Pop. Der hohe, oft ins Falsett driftende, mehrstimmige Gesang erinnerte mich im Zusammenspiel mit den Synthie-Elementen mehrfach an die Wild Beasts. Als ich lass, dass Richard Formby auch zwei derer Alben produziert hatte, fühlte ich mich darin bestätigt. "Multiplex" führt als Ouvertüre in ein 42-minütiges Album, dessen Highlights "Terra Firma" und "The Start" heißen und in einer gerechten Welt zu Hits würden. 


Similarly, just when you think "The Howling" is a Kid A outtake with choir vocals, percussion and arena rock guitar shatter any such notion while ascending from the clouds to the stratosphere. The trio use that trick beautifully in reverse, as well. "Avert Your Eyes" is a playfully cascading ditty that slowly shrinks into an acoustic lullaby. Wherever you think a particular song is going, chances are LWP will surprise you.

But LWP are more than a series of songwriting slights of hand. "The Start" is simply a smartly written verse-chorus-verse pop gem, and demonstrates these guys could be huge pop stars if they so desired.
(The Line Of Best Fit)

This extensive musical style extends to the record's lyrics and atmospherics. In spite of the album’s sometimes dark focus, it escapes oppressive melancholia. ‘Stage Fright’ is a gorgeously glimmering tune of strings, piano and striking tenderness and ‘The Start’ flips sadder preoccupations for tentative optimism. The chorus joyfully wonders, “Might this be the start of everything?”

Afterlife concludes with ‘The Night Watch'. Its piano lead core is flanked by electric guitar and builds in wavering electronics like a modern day church hymn. It’s words spoken to a loved one near the end, but as the lyrics offer, “All that love you will be here”, they make it an oddly comforting and disarming way to end the record.

Left With Pictures have returned with a collection of songs that confirm they are a band worthy of the ears of many. It's often a sad record, but it's also a hopeful and beautiful one, full of carefully considered detail and infinitely sensitive observations.
(Drowned In Sound)

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