The Horrors - Luminous

"I can see your future in it" war die markanteste Textzeile die man Anfang des Jahres in "I See You", dem ersten neuen Song aus dem nun vierten Album von The Horrors, vernehmen konnte. Und die Zukunft des Quintetts um den Sänger Faris Badwan schimmert auf "Luminous" bunter, poppiger, tanzbarer und heller als jemals zuvor.  

The Horrors schälen aus dem einstmals so düsteren Mix aus Gothic, Rock und Punk nun vermehrt Psychdelic, Krautrock, Shoegaze, Electronica und Synthie-Pop heraus, entleihen sich die Beats in Madchester, schielen in Richtung Dancefloor, lassen sich die Songs entwickeln und entfalten und nehmen dabei keinerlei Rücksicht auf das radiofreundliche Dreieinhalb-Minuten-Format. Das eingangs erwähnte "I See You" dehnt sich weit über die 7-Minuten-Marke aus lässt nur zwei der zehn Titel rund vier Minuten hinter sich. 

"Luminous" ist die konsequente Weiterentwicklung von "Skying", lässt My Bloody Valentine auf Brian Eno, Primal Scream auf Simple Minds und Spaceman 3 auf Gary Numan prallen und wird häufig positiv bis euphorisch rezensiert. Der Vorgänger kam bei Platten vor Gericht auf bescheidene 6,1 Punkte - wird es "Luminous" besser ergehen?  

The influence of people like Brian Eno and Jon Hopkins looms large throughout Luminous. Opener 'Chasing Shadows' could be the former producing Simple Minds, had such a pairing ever collaborated. What sets it apart from any suggestion of fan boy plagiarism are the audacious and totally unexpected twists and turns at every angle. Again, clocking in at nine seconds under seven minutes, each one as worthwhile as the next, at no point outstaying its welcome and setting the scene graciously for what follows. "Follow me to the edge of the world" implores Badwan on the swirling 'First Day of Spring', Spurgeon's impeccable rhythmic interludes again providing the heartbeat of its electro-pop veneer.

'So Now You Know', recently made available via iTunes, also dips its toes into early Eighties waters. Traces of The Human League and Ultravox can be found at its core, as probing synths toy with a seismic chorus culminating in Badwan instructing his subject to "...turn away." Meanwhile, 'In And Out Of Sight' steals the glittering disco ball from the aforementioned Moroder's living room before surrounding it with more glowing synthesized hooklines and heart-racing drum beats. 'Jealous Sun' reenacts Gary Numan covering My Bloody Valentine and ends up becoming even more futuristic in its execution. Dancefloor friendly and psychedelic in equal measures, forget prog rock, this is is prog pop. And some.

For a band whose mere existence seems to be about transcending as many genres as possible, 'Falling Star' packs at least half-a-dozen into its three minutes and 45 seconds. Subtle electronica, shoegaze, J-Pop, krautrock and cinematic ambience with a punk rock aesthetic melt into one, Badwan intoning "Now you know we're together" at the song's apex.
(drowned in sound)


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6,5 Punkte

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Das aktuelle Album von The Horrors erhält: 7 Punkte