• Haunted Hearts - Initiation

    Die zentrale Zielgruppe ist hier sehr schnell einzugrenzen: Fans von Dum Dum Girls und Crocodiles sollten sich auch "Initiation" (8 Titel in 31 Minuten) zulegen. Denn hinter dem Namen Haunted Hearts verbergen sich Dee Dee Penny und ihr Ehemann Brandon Welchez, also die kreativen Köpfe der eingangs genannten Bands.

    Die erweiterte Zielgruppe ergibt sich recht zügig beim Hören des Albums: "Initiate Me" zitiert den Rhythmus von The Cures "Close To Me", dazu ein wenig Spiritualized ("Up Is Up (But So Is Down)"), The Raveonettes ("Something That Feels Bad Is Something That Feels Good") sowie The Jesus & Mary Chains und Echo & The Bunnymen ("House Of Lords"). Die stärksten Stücke sind das von der 80ern infizierte "Love Incognito" und das abschließende "Bring Me Down", das in nahezu jeder Review zu Recht positive Erwähnung findet:

    Bring Me Down really stands out and is at a complete contrast to the hurriedness of the opener and title track Initiate Me, this album really has two sides. The album progressively slows down throughout without the listener being aware; it’s the perfect relaxation album. You start out all hyped up but as the album progresses it chills you out completely. (louder than war)

    They did us all a favour and saved the best for last – the barest, driest number on the entire record is the closer “Bring Me Down”, where an atramentous vibe is offset by chiming “Sunday Morning” guitars and a morning-sex breathy vocal interplay. It’s a rare moment of true originality and is all the better for it. (the line of best fit)

    Probably the real triumph on Initiation, though, is how neatly it plays as a paean to the pair's influences; (...) whilst lackadaisical closer 'Bring Me Down', all blurry riffs and lethargic vocals, is a gorgeously-pitched nod to the less urgent side of The Cure. (The 4O5)

    Der NME vergibt recht passende 7/10 Punkte und muss berechtigterweise auch das Plattencover kommentieren: 
    This husband/wife collaboration between Crocodiles' Brandon Welchez and Dum Dum Girls' Dee Dee Penny marries the pained krautrock fuzz of the former's band to the racy pop sass of the latter's. Often pictured wearing the same red lipstick, their fishnets-and-fag-ash aesthetic is mirrored by the smutty sleeve art (above). Both have moved away from their lo-fi roots and, hearing them collaborate, you imagine married life as the reason for this more mature sound. The album's moments of sexed-up rock 'n' roll ('Initiate Me') and bruising, motown influenced heart-to-hearts ('Love Incognito') sound grown up as well as alluring. By the time closing waltz 'Bring Me Down' ends, intimacy levels are so high that you feel like a contented voyeur. 

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    Nicht mehr als die Summe der einzelnen Teile und leider ein wenig kurz geraten.

    7 Punkte

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    In meiner Liste stehen zu dem Album ebenfalls 7 Punkte.

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