• Young Rival - Stay Young

    Maifeld Derby 2013 (VIII)

    Das 3. Maifeld Derby ist seit dem Wochenende Geschichte (Berichte dazu finden sich nach und nach hier) und auch das zweite Album von Young Rival (deren dortigen Auftritt wir leider nicht sehen konnten) müsste hier eigentlich abgehakt sein, da es bereits im Oktober 2012 in Nordamerika veröffentlicht wurde. Doch "Stay Young", produziert von Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Tokyo Police Club), erschien dieser Tage mit einiger Verspätung auch hierzulande.

    Das kanadische Trio, bestehend aus Aron D'Alesio (Gesang, Gitarre), John Smith (Bass) und Noah Fralick (Schlagzeug), liefert klassischen Indierock und melodischen Powerpop zwischen The Strokes, Pixies und Weezer ab. Neben dem mit 60er Jahre Charme versehene Jangle-Pop von "Black Is Good" ist das im "Buddy Holly"-Stil (der Song, nicht der Sänger) gehaltene "Two Reasons" akustisch wie optisch zu empfehlen:

    First off, all the songs are really well written, played, mixed and mastered.  Jon Drew (Fucked Up, Arkells, Tokyo Police Club) is at the helm of this stellar collection of songs.  Beginning with "Black Popcorn" it's a very upbeat song with a melody that floats through the song.  With lyrics "tell me no lies/tell me no lies/this is your life/" that pretty much sums up most couples who hook up.  Most of us want honest relationships but there are people out there who can mess you up bad.  I relate to this because this happened to me.  Messed up bad by a guy who to this day I still think of.  But I regress.  "Nothing You Know Well" is a stop stutter beat in 2/3 time which flows well by all three members.  Good chord progression and changes.  The lyrical meaning for this listener is that the singer has moved on and grown and the person in front of him has not changed one iota.  That's pretty accurate for most people.  Some never change at all.  "Let It Go" has a bass line that is eerily similar to Nirvana's "Breed" but only in it's beginning bass line which is slowed down and not let loose as Nirvana did.  I like this song - it sums up most things in life - let it go - especially if you have no control over "it".  "I Don't Care" clearly reminds me of the Pixies in the progression of the song as a whole.  It's fast, radio-friendly pop melodies that sound good.  The other stand out songs on this stellar CD are "Better Things To Do" which has a surf-country feel (if that's possible) which speaks of woman in jail and having much better things to do; "Lost" which is sombre like a Lenard Cohen poem and speaks of traveling and asking for directions and help; and "Night Song" because it's a fun song musically.  Dancing in my living room to this song is fun and well, you should try this as well when you buy the CD.

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