Savoir Adore - Our Nature

Das New Yorker Duo Savoir Adore besteht aus Paul Hammer und Deidre Muro, die seit 2008 gemeinsam musizieren und 2009 mit "In The Wooded Forest" ihr erstes Album veröffentlicht haben. Mittlerweile wurde bei Nettwerk Records ein neuer Plattenvertrag unterschrieben, so dass ihr bereits im Oktober 2012 in Eigenregie veröffentlichtes Album "Our Nature" nun noch einmal erscheinen und vielleicht ein größeres Publikum erreichen kann.

Paul Hammer und Deidre Muro teilen sich auf "Our Nature" einerseits den Gesang, so dass man sich an Indiepop Duos wie Mates Of State (oder auch einmal an The Postal Service) erinnert fühlt, andererseits auch ihre Liebe zum Pop der 80er Jahre. So veröffentlichten sie 2012 bereits die Single "Pop Goes The World", eine Coverversion von Men Without Hats (1987), und verstecken auf der B-Seite der aktuellen Single "Dreamers" noch "Hold Me Now" von den Thompson Twins (1983). Beide Songs hätten dem Album, das neben dem potenziellen Hit "Dreamers" und dem feinen 60s-Girl-Pop von "Anywhere You Go" leider zu viele Songs im Programm hat, die auch gut in der Serie "Miami Vice" oder im Film "Beverly Hills Cop" hätten laufen können, was nicht als Kompliment gedacht sein soll.

Eingängiger, bisweilen verträumter, aber stets gut gelaunter Synthie-trifft-Gitarren-Pop mit Boy/Girl-Gesang, der, mit einem Blick auf das Plattencover, zu weichgespült daher kommt. 

Muro and Hammer positively nail harmonies, with they way they alternate lead vocal duties providing an array of textures across the board.  There are points as with ‘Wooded Forest’ when the melodies veer dangerously close to being saccharine, but such imbalances really are few and far between.  Also, gone are the infuriatingly catchy choruses of their previous full-length (try listening to ‘We Talk Like Machines’ a few times and not whistling it for weeks) which gives its follow up a distinctly more rounded feel.

That’s not to say Our Nature doesn’t have more than its fair share of earworms.  Savoir Adore have their story and they’re sticking to it.  For example, the bells-over-scuzzy synths and wistful rhymes of ‘Beating Hearts’ are utterly lush, with another favourite being ‘Regalia’ and its pinched, trebly guitar riff laid over walking bass and staggering staccato keyboard .  Within a relatively narrow mandate, the duo still manage to pack this follow up tight with subtle ideas and intelligent song structures, helping every track unfold neatly over repeat listens.

Our Nature is a seriously accomplished pop record, and a perfect progression.  Less obviously whimsical than In The Wooded Forest but still possessing of its own distinct charm and inventiveness, it feels effortless.  Detractors will claim Savoir Adore have too light a touch, but it’s fair to say that for most, they’ll leave a meaningful impression.
(The Line Of Best Fit)

Our Nature’s first track, “Dreamers,” instantly pulls the listener in with the use of synths, and Muro and Hammer effervescently blend into the melody with their ethereal vocals. This intro is followed by the haunting interlude, “Cinema,” which transitions into the rest of the album’s mellow though catchy reverie.

The latter part of the album, starting with the wistful “At the Same Time,” switches into a faster-paced and harder rhythm, though it manages to maintain Savoir Adore’s signature dream-like quality. “Beating Hearts,” the only new addition to Our Nature’s re-release, is a bouncy and whimsical track befitting the rest of the album. The synths and drum machine harken back to the ‘80s, giving the album a more nostalgic sound. Although the lyrics teeter on cheesy at times, the catchy beat and melody are enough to keep you captivated.

Although some tracks are forgettable, Savoir Adore’s Our Nature is a solid album overall. The vocals and the instruments weave seamlessly into each other, creating an eclectic mix for each track. Layered with spacey melodies, the album is a great pick-me-up on a gloomy day.
(The Gateway)


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Auf dem Album vermisse ich leider "Pop goes the world" und "Hold me now".

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