• The Last Royals - Twistification

    Königlichen Geblüts sind weder Eric James noch Mason Ingram. Doch nachdem sich ihre Wege im Frühling 2010 kreuzten, gab James sein Soloprojekt The Early Hours auf, um gemeinsam mit Ingram als The Last Royals zu musizieren.
    Nach einer ersten über Ooh La La Records veröffentlichten EP im November 2010, begannen die Arbeiten am Debütalbum "Twistification", das als limitierte CD im Digipack über die Bandcamp-Seite für 10,40 € inkl. Versand  erworben werden kann (oder günstiger als Download). 
    Der Song "Crystal Vases" wurde im September letzten Jahres als erste Single ausgekoppelt:

    The Last Royals spielen elektrifizierten Powerpop zwischen MGMT, The Postal Service und The Killers, den sie selbst als "Urban walking music" bezeichnen. Zwischen dem ruhigen und introvertierten "Winter Waltz" und dem ähnlich beginnenden, aber vollkommen konträr verlaufenden "Barefoot Winter Waltz" sind 9 weitere Songs eingebettet, die zwischen 80er Synthie-Pop ("Friday Night", "Good Day Radio") und glitzerndem, temporeichen Indierock ("Wake Up", "Only The Brave"), bei dem die Gitarren deutlicher in den Vordergrund treten, pendeln.  

    The intro, titled “Winter Waltz,” leaves the listener wondering how the album will progress. The second track is slightly surprising, considering how calm the intro was. Regardless, “Friday Night” is one to mention. Its upbeat tempo and ‘80s synthesizer add some welcomed spunk to this song. One thing is for sure on this release in that the guitar is always fairly simple, but it works for them. Once you add in some programming and keys, it all comes together. Without the effects and vocals from James, the album wouldn’t be the same.

    If you want some funky, upbeat jams, check out “Good Day Radio” and “Wake Up.” If your ears crave more of a pop vibe, check out “Crystal Vases” and “Only The Brave,” which has been made available to the public online for now, but fans will have to wait a little while to hear some more. (...)

    This record has a little bit for everybody. There are slower songs as the album comes to a close, such as “Always, To Belong” and “I Hate California.” Then the duo surprises you again with the closing tune, “Barefoot Winter Waltz.” I expected another funky listen. Instead, a rock song, full of hard-hitting drums and gritty vocals, greeted me. This album is, without a doubt, a strong contender for 2013. It’s fun, upbeat, versatile, and likeable, all without doing anything too crazy. This duo is a fantastic pair, but you’ll have to wait until next year to find out.

    Twistification is a refreshing listen. Think The Strokes meets The Killers meets Mumford & Sons. The sound is superbly balanced; rough yet catchy enough to allow The Last Royals to slip in and out of the mainstream with ease while maintaining a unique edge. Eric James’ voice is reminiscent of Brandon Flowers’ reverb-ed keen, but happily, James experiments with his range. His melancholy lyrics offset danceable techno inspired beats which successfully keep the gritty, slightly uncomfortable flavor consistent. Two of the highlights are the intro “Winter Waltz” and the last song “Barefoot Winter Waltz” both of which prick the ears with sharp grating glitches before James’ emotive voice croons dreamy lyrics that sooth the sting. 2013 prediction: it’s only a matter of time before they rocket to stardom.
    (The Owl Mag)

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