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Teen Daze - A World Away

Abbotsford in der kanadischen Provinz British Columbia listet einige Eishockey-Spieler als bekannteste Söhne der Stadt. Der berühmteste Musiker trägt den Namen Chad Kroeger und ist Sänger der fürchterlichen Band Nickelback. Daher wünsche ich mir, dass Jamison Cox zu Weltruhm gelangt, damit sich dies ändert.

Seine Musik veröffentlicht er unter dem Namen Teen Daze, aktuell ist dies "A World Away", eine EP / ein Mini-Album, das 6 Titel kombiniert, 34 Minuten läuft und über Bandcamp für 5 € digital zu beziehen ist. 

Der geneigte Käufer wird feststellen, dass Cox nicht so recht weiß, in welche Richtung es nun gehen soll: Der Opener "Sun Burst" sowie "Reykjavik, January 2015" dürften mit ihrer Mischung aus Ambient-artigem Klapprechner- und Schlafzimmer-Pop Fans von The Album Leaf oder Message To Bears gefallen.  
"Another Night" hingegen zieht Kraftwerk in Richtung House und Techno und "Than", der temporeichste Song auf dem rein instrumentalen "A World Away", lässt The Chemical Brothers auf Videospiel-Sounds treffen.  

Teen Daze producer Jamison kicks off his new EP, A World Away, with the track “Sun Burst.” As the title suggests, distinct but placid tones of a synthesizer pierce – like rays of light – the track’s cloud barrier that consists of a mellow and unfaltering musical haze, shining first light on the still slumbering 2015. The following track “Another Night” starts of with heavy drums, soon accompanied with celestial fast-paced synthesizers that launches the mind into another dimension as the darkness of another night creeps up. Named after the Icelandic capital, which Jamison visited earlier this year, the EP’s third track “Reykjavik, January 2015,” is remarkably detailed. The level upon level of different sounds, stretching from a heart like pulsating base to clapping drums, truly shows Jamison’s true mark of skill. “Than” is the most upbeat track of the EP and that, strangely enough, brings to mind the early ’80s video games as it offers an iconic baseline and futuristic organ sounds.

Jamison rounds up the six-track EP with the equally haunting and slow burning “Desert” and “I Feel God In The Water.” The tracks cleverly tie up the EP with similar musical elements to “Sun Burst,” without having them sound alike.

Compared to earlier works of Teen Daze, like the album Glacier released in 2013, “A World Away” is strictly instrumental and less upbeat. Vocals could have been a nice touch, but after listening to the EP, it is not something that is missed. While not partially suitable for the dance floor, with the exception of “Another Night” and “Than,” the sounds of A World Away arguably works for any other situation, like music of the chillwave genre should. With the genre growing bigger by the minute, the works of Teen Daze and A World Away should be something for aspiring producers to look up to since his music has the influence to crown the beauty of the present.

Teen Daze in Deutschland:

21.01.15 Hamburg, Übel & Gefährlich
22.01.15 Stuttgart, Freund + Kupferstecher
23.01.15 Berlin, Gretchen

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